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Tooth Extraction

Gentle, Skilled Dental Extractions to Restore Your Oral Health

There are times when removing a tooth is in the best interest of your oral health. This decision is not taken lightly by dental professionals and only recommended when a tooth is putting your oral health at risk.

DM Family Dentistry provides the quality service you need to receive an accurate diagnosis, safe extraction, and tooth replacement solution. Dr. Dill maintains the highest standard of care throughout this process, so if you need an extraction, contact us and schedule a consultation today.

Extractions That Benefit Oral Health

Several scenarios may warrant the extraction of a tooth, such as:

  • Impaction - Teeth such as wisdom molars are at risk of infection if they remain impacted or if they only partially erupt. They can also interfere with orthodontic treatment and cause overcrowding in dentition. 
  • Gum disease - Bacteria can leave large deposits of tartar on teeth and create deep pockets of infection. This loosens teeth in their sockets and causes bone loss, which can create irreparable damage.   
  • Cracks - Teeth with large fissures that extend to the roots may require extraction. Fissures may be caused by an accident or advanced tooth decay.
  • Infection - If you have a toothache, then chances are damage or decay have given bacteria an entry point into the tooth’s inner chamber. Extraction alleviates toothaches and protects the gums and entire body from further infection.
  • Baby Teeth - Sometimes baby teeth do not fall out, preventing adult teeth from emerging into their proper place. Once the baby teeth are removed, your child’s teeth can develop naturally into a healthy, functioning smile.

Quality Care When Extraction is Necessary

Dr. Dill conducts a thorough analysis of your dental condition and shares digital images with you to help you understand why extraction is a necessary treatment. Rest assured that your comfort is our top priority. Once your tooth has been removed and you’ve had time to heal, you can consider the amazing restorations available. Call us today (520) 426-0404 for more information or to schedule a consultation.